Делу время: чем занимается отец Алины Кабаевой Many fans gymnasts interested in not just her achievements, but also what is happening in her family. It became known that the Pope Kabaeva Marat Vazykhovich has set up a Fund which will help entrepreneurs of small and medium business.
Делу время: чем занимается отец Алины Кабаевой

Marat Kabaev, of course, is known primarily for its famous daughter. But as it turned out, not only is he a former athlete and coach, but also an entrepreneur. By the way, quite successful, because it is called the principal businessman of Tatarstan. Marat Vazykhovich decided to pass on their experience to young and promises to help them not only advice but also financial. To do this he founded “the international Foundation of the peoples ‘friendship Marat Kabaeva”.

“The main goal of the project – charity – says “StarHit” Marat. We are going to support entrepreneurs of small and medium business worldwide to help people of Islamic descent that have no access to banks to provide them loans. I hope the organization will be useful and relevant. She is now at the final stage of registration.”

By the way, the business of Alina Kabaeva also going uphill. Recently it became known that the holding headed by the former will increase its share in the First channel. The company will redeem part of the shares Abramovich. Earlier it was reported that” national media group” also intends to buy the media holding “RBC” businessman Mikhail Prokhorov. The holding company already has assets in the newspaper “Izvestia”, REN-TV, Fifth channel, the Russian-language versions of Discovery Channel and Eurosport. Alina Kabaeva is Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In addition, Alina Kabaeva is actively developing rhythmic gymnastics in our country. At the annual festival, named in her honor, young athletes demonstrate their talents. “All girls are unique and different, but the talent of each, like the stars, different size and brightness. We try to arrange things so that among the gymnasts did not have individual competition. These things are too much in adult life, and I decided to let here children rejoice that they do together, may be anxious and worried about the overall result. It’s a bond. So on our holiday advocate and champion from the team, and novice athletes, and all do it well,” said Alina Kabaeva.