«Она потеряла два литра крови»: звезда сериала «Сваты» рассказала об убийстве матери Margarita Shubina told about the family drama. In the late ‘ 80s her mom was brutally murdered in her apartment, the then aspiring actress was not in time to save her. After the death of the closest person to the young actress wanted to be examined in a mental hospital.
«Она потеряла два литра крови»: звезда сериала «Сваты» рассказала об убийстве матери

Margarita Shubina is known to many audiences for his roles in the TV series “Ambulance”, “Matchmakers” and “the Captain”. For several decades, the actress has successfully played in one of the leading theaters of the capital, adore her millions of fans, she has a wonderful family, a loving husband and two sons. But despite today’s success, the young artist recalls with tears in his eyes. At 21, Margaret lost her mother at the beginning of career Shubin was left alone with grief and dreamed only about one thing – to go to a psychiatric hospital.

Details of a family tragedy Margarita said in the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. According to the actress, mother was murdered in her own apartment, she found her body in the bathtub.

“Something happened, what happened. I don’t know everything. When I walked in, saw nothing wrong with the apartment. No blood, nothing and no one but his mother. As it turned out, she lost two liters of blood, but they were inside,” – said Margarita.
«Она потеряла два литра крови»: звезда сериала «Сваты» рассказала об убийстве матери

The actress said that the mother was a rare name Will, she worked as a teacher at the school and raised the future star of the movie, one, father to 32 years Shubin did not know. According to the memoirs of the actress, when she found mom in the bathroom, immediately called for an ambulance, the mother breathed and tried to talk to her daughter.

“In the ambulance my mom asked me, “what’s happening?”. It was her last phrase… We went to the Botkin hospital, I sat in the hallway until morning, the operation went on for hours. Then I go to the receiver, where a woman was sitting, the doctor probably asked her: “is the Operation over?”. She saw me, realized that I’m young, tired and said: “you Go home in the morning, bring water without gas”. Then I realized, she knew my mother died, I just didn’t want to shock me,” said Margaret.

Shubin admitted that after the death of his mother for a long time she could not go to the bathroom. The apartment itself for the young actress was hell, after the performances, according to Margaret, she didn’t know where to go, how to cope with the pain. The actress tried to achieve excitation of criminal case, but to no avail. Long Shubin was in a severe depression, she helped Oleg Menshikov. according to Margaret, she fell in love with the star of “the Pokrovskie gate”.

“I decided to give up in psychoda. I couldn’t enter the apartment, the show will play, and can’t go home. Then still sold it. Then I could fall in love with anyone. I needed support, I wrote these black poems on mom… In the theatre we staged the play “Caligula”, that’s where I got acquainted with Oleg Menshikov. I was 22 and he was 30, he was a famous actor after “the Pokrovskie gate. It was not a relationship, that lead to suffering. I did not know, whom I love in the moment,” admitted Shubin.

Between Menshikov and Shubina had feelings that helped her cope with the suffering and pain. Margaret said that Oleg was devoted to poetry, and he gave her flowers from many fans. The actress knew that sooner or later the relationship will cease, and so it happened, when Menshikov left entirely work.

“I am happy that he was in my life. We worked together, he gave flowers after the performances, and I was afraid that I sulphuric acid will pour. I can say for sure that we were so together that there was a strong love. He is now a completely different life. What am I going to suffer? I’m in the movie, and she removed, got married, had two children!” – said Margarita.

Today Shubin happy mother and wife. More than twenty years ago, she got engaged to a classmate Vladislav, in the past also a theater actor and now a businessman. The star couple has two sons, Maksim and Seraphim. Not long ago, the lovers got married to finally consummate the Union in heaven. Margaret admitted that he tries to be better for my mom, which to this day dedicates poems. And father had left the family, Shubin forgiven, it is worth noting that she met with the Pope only in 32 years. Mother of the actress never talked about him in life, as it turned out, he is a famous swordsman, who has long advocated for the Soviet Union and could not live in the family constantly. Margaret introduced the father with his sons, the boys took grandpa, according to the actress, now in her house there is peace and harmony.

“I don’t have time to prove to her that I grew up a good man. She just made herself, she brought me back to the bakery. If I need the extra 10 cents was given, saying, “Go and return. This way you’ll remember forever.” God forbid that she saw: I match her expectations. I think I meanness can’t do due to the fact that she looks at me”, – said Shubin.