Майли Сайрус не хочет выходить замуж за Лиама Хемсворта: в чем причина?

Nearly 10 years of ongoing romance Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Several times on the thorny path they parted and again reunited. Hemsworth, Miley even offered to marry him, to which she said “no.” However, the wedding will have to wait for a long time. Insiders have reported that Cyrus is afraid of responsibility and children, therefore, do not hurry to the altar.

Майли Сайрус не хочет выходить замуж за Лиама Хемсворта: в чем причина?

The star of “the hunger games” speaks to the beloved of the children, which certainly she does not like. She is very indecisive about the marriage because of children and the responsibility that lies on it. About the children the couple had many disputes, but Miley does not give up: she thinks they’re too young for the role of parents, but Liam desperately wants to be Pope.

“He doesn’t want to postpone the question of having children and pretty upset about it all. They don’t get along the last time,” insiders report.

“They love each other for almost nine years, but now is the time. Before their marriage let career, age and family,” he told the insider earlier and added that the parents of Liam’s always had warm feelings to the girl son.

“While parents Miley always loved Liam, his father and mother were outraged by its scandalous behavior,” — said the source.

Now everything has changed: Miley stopped his dissolute way of living, changed habits, and the parents of her boyfriend had a change of heart. As they say, the hand to put Elsa Pataky, the wife of Liam’s brother Chris. “Elsa and Miley has always been very close, and Elsa really stood up for her,” says an insider.

However, to expect the imminent wedding of stars makes no sense. To this question Liam and Miley fit with a particular responsibility. “Miley have a lot of plans regarding the wedding. She is very creative and every time I think about some new ideas that her party was not like the others. She wants a simple celebration, something like a wedding on a ranch,” he added. It is unknown the date of the celebration or the venue.

“She never said anything because she is very secretive. So it will know only their friends, and then at the last minute,” he concluded.

Not for the first time there are rumors that the couple wants to tie the knot. “Miley has always been the idea of a spontaneous wedding in Las Vegas. The ceremony is planned for the fourth of July. Appear to be only close friends and family,” said one of the insiders of the foreign publications. Official confirmation of the couple has not yet given.

Rumors began to circulate when the father of Miley posted a photo of his daughter in a white dress. Of course fans believe that she is going to marry. Added fuel to the fire new track called Malibu. The cover of the new single, the singer put up on instagram. Under it she left the label in which reported that it did for her boyfriend.