Сын Аллы Довлатовой повредил ногу на тренировке по хоккею As said the radio, now Paul is required to go through a course of treatment. Alla Dovlatov hopes that soon he will be able to put in order the Achilles tendon and to get back to training. 13-year-old son of the star has long been involved in hockey team “wings of the Soviets”.
Сын Аллы Довлатовой повредил ногу на тренировке по хоккею

TV presenter Alla Dovlatov is a happy mother of four children. Despite his busy schedule, the 43-year-old star pays a lot of attention to each family member. So, 13-year-old son Paul is professionally engaged in hockey, and recently a teenager began to have serious problems with ligaments, inflamed Achilles tendon through which the calf muscle connects to the heel bone.

To help the heir to the radio host had to urgently look for in the day of the specialist, which would solve the problem and appointed for the child. Paul made magnets and phonophoresis, however, until he can return to training. Some subscribers Dovlatova advised to make the boy quit playing hockey. But, according to the presenter, son loves the sport, despite the difficulties.

Сын Аллы Довлатовой повредил ногу на тренировке по хоккею

As previously admitted Dovlatov, son is very worried if it misses a game. “Pasha is playing in a hockey team, “wings of the Soviets”. He is not always possible to go on the ice, sometimes you have to watch the game from the bench, and this made him very worried. I try to explain to the Pasha, that not all our life is not always about winning, sometimes it is necessary to be able to look at other people’s triumphs,” said Alla.

All children Dovlatova develop different talents. So, ten year old daughter Sasha is at the musical theatre of young actor. Due to the fact that the girl has a slight age difference with other children, she often encountered difficulties in communicating with them. “Daughter is the smallest in the group. Of course, sometimes that hurt, and she’s upset, crying. I even went to the head of the Studio and requested that he made sure that Sasha was comfortable in rehearsals. So excited when am I going to get everyone to listen, everyone to Pat them on the head, to hug, to give advice”, — said the presenter.

The eldest daughter Dovlatova is a student at MSU, faculty of journalism. In may of this year Dasha visited Lisbon at the international song contest “Eurovision”. Alla proud of the successes of the eldest daughter and supports her endeavors.