Тоби Магуйар сходил в спортзал с новой подругой

Two years ago Tobey Maguire was a bachelor, after separating from Jennifer Meyer. Now the actor takes a cue from his good friend Leonardo DiCaprio and the partner takes only girls young and beautiful. With whom he is Dating at the moment?

This spring there were rumors that Toby had an affair with 26-year-old model Tatiana Dieteman. Official confirmation of the novel no, but today, the media presented photos of the pair hanging out. Looks like the model decided to get serious health and shape of the partner inviting him to spend time together in the gym. The paparazzi caught the model and actor at the entrance to the gym.

Recall, the Hollywood actor broke up with wife Jennifer Meyer after nine years of marriage. The couple, who had amassed over many years of marriage, two children – seven year old son Otis and nine-year-old daughter ruby made a joint statement.

“After several years of searching for solutions, we parted as a couple, but we were and still are parents, and our main task is to grow them in infinite love and respect” — said in a statement pair.
Meanwhile, an insider close to spouses, said that the decision to divorce was not spontaneous.
“They are going to part friends and to be a reliable rear to his children. Between them was neither AMD or some third party, they just drifted away from each other” — said the insider.

After the divorce he sold “family nest” and went into freefall, but the photo in the media, then exposed to reporters, said that Maguire even before the official Declaration began ictal a new pair. Just a few days before the official statement about the divorce with his wife Toby Maguire was seen in one of night clubs of West Hollywood with daughter of Lionel Richie Sofia, one of the former sweethearts Justin Bieber.

According to TMZ, the star of “spider-Man” and the daughter of Lionel Richie was spotted on the dance floor of the 1 OAK club. Even then it seemed odd witnesses, but insiders said that it means nothing – Toby wasn’t seeing anyone and wanted to break from any relationship.