Майли Сайрус и Коди Симпсон решили создать дуэт

Майли Сайрус и Коди Симпсон решили создать дуэт

27-year-old famous singer Miley Cyrus recently had a serious operation on his vocal cords and doctors told her a while to sing, but she will not be discouraged from building their own plans and dreams. Your future in the music career she sees in the duet with the present lover 22-year-old singer Cody Simpson. Celebrities are not afraid of the unification of the personal life and musical career.

A music company that was created by Miley before meeting with Cody, has submitted all the necessary documents for the creation of the trademark. The trademark will be able to include all types of entertainment services, including live music and live performances. Also, the trademark will be your web site that will host live concerts, downloads, music, etc.

Already established and officially confirmed by the band under the original name Bandit and Bardot, in translation into Russian means Bandit and Bardot. In addition to a trademark in the social network appeared official page of the band with the same name, at the moment it signed just two people and that Miley and Cody. Thus beloved again confirmed that the group still will exist, and its composition limited to the two soloists.

More recently, the Australian singer gave an interview to a well-known publication and told about the plans in his career. He then openly declared that he plans to create a duet with his lover, but no one expected that it would happen so quickly. Cody in an interview, assured that the group will be very tough, they chose a style of speech for themselves — rock, but the songs are planned and in the other direction.

Already looking forward to when released the first song of this brilliant and controversial Duo.

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