Эшли Тисдейл раскрывает секреты своей сияющей кожи:питание и питьевой режим

Ashley Tisdale flawless skin, the actress did share and told what steps she is taking in its routine procedures for skin care to get a clean, radiant complexion.
Probably have 34-year-old Ashley Tisdale is a little secret, because she has gorgeous skin, and the actress shared her beauty secrets and skin care one of the well known American publications, promoting the well-known brand for skin care face and body “Neutrogena Skincare Bright Boost”. She says that when we are talking about how to achieve clear skin, I drink at least one bottle of smart water a day, that is 1.5 liters. I also think that people forget that food is a big part of the key to healthy and beautiful skin, and the water is such a huge part of it. If I travel, I’m also picky about water, but if I’m travelling and don’t drink enough water, my skin starts to look dull. So I think it’s really important and it’s something simple and easy, but we tend to drink coffee, alcohol or something else, but forget about water. I just feel that the water really helps your skin to fight with age.” Ashley also said: “I think knowledge and your selectivity to the food — a really good thing, and I personally have eliminated dairy products five years ago out of my diet, because I was sensitive to it, and it really helped my skin.

Эшли Тисдейл раскрывает секреты своей сияющей кожи:питание и питьевой режим
In addition to the fact that the skin should always be moisturized, Ashley shared its usual procedure for skin care, which she is doing every day, admitting that she doesn’t like to try different types of cosmetic products. She explained that it means: “In the past I worked with a dermatologist who is not much of a fan of too many cosmetic brands. Thus, the products that I find that I like, I just use them and I use in this order: cleanser and face cream, brightening serum and then I apply the makeup. I think if you use cosmetics with an excess, your skin will be damaged. I have a collection of Bright Boost, and I like the fact that it was created thousands of years. So not the one who create this product line, he thinks he knows what you need, and people who knew what they needed and created it.”

Like many of us, Ashley also admits that she has problems with appearance, revealing: “For me, I would say that obviously I’m a beach baby, so I like to be private in the sun, and as we get older, our skin gets a little rough, especially the constant exposure to sunlight. So I think that the main task is simply to maintain the skin tone from such simple things, which we do not even think of them being young”. “I wash my face daily and I am an advocate of washing your face every night before going to sleep, because I apply a lot of makeup during work.

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