47-летнюю Камерон Диас папарацци заметили во время прогулки с мужем

Cameron Diaz and her husband Benji Madden on December 17 came out in Los Angeles and could not look more happier when I decided to have lunch in the Bungalow!
Fans got a rare insight into the relationship 47-year-old Cameron Diaz and her 7 years younger, 40 – year-old husband, Benji Madden, when they enjoyed a date 17 Dec in the hot spot’s Los Angeles Bungalow. Cameron and Benji all the time awkward smile, leaving the restaurant because the couple was dressed quite casually and even fun, fittingly for a more secluded and intimate environment, not posing in front of the cameras. Since then, Cameron announced to the press about ending her acting activities, she was quite modest and secluded life. But her date was the perfect moment to show her affection in public, and fans were happy to see that it succeeds and thrives.

47-летнюю Камерон Диас папарацци заметили во время прогулки с мужем
Of course, this is not the first case when Cameron is again in the spotlight thanks to a little date with my love. The couple was spotted in the summer on 11 July, enjoying another date, and looked very infatuated with each other when walking hand in hand through Los Angeles. The couple walked in the restaurant Sugarfish in Beverly hills, where they enjoyed a meal and a bit of fun. After their lunch, the paparazzi were able to capture their tender kiss that continued when Cameron hugged him while they stood in line waiting for the Valet! It’s so cute!
Obviously, Cameron is really enjoying his family life since, as stated on your completion of an acting career and film projects. It’s been almost six years since the last film musical Cameron, “Annie” in 2014, in which she played antagonist miss Agatha hannigan. Former actress soared to the peak of fame in the 1990s and 2000s the years thanks to such films as “Charlie’s Angels”, “Holiday” and “something about Mary”. Although Cameron has always been a favorite among viewers, her personal life really flourished!

Cameron and Benji began Dating in may 2014 and quickly became engaged by Christmas that year! Just a few weeks later, the couple married in January 2015. Although they keep their romantic family life in secret, fans love to watch them and enjoy life away from the attention.

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