Miles teller wants to become husband and Shailene Woodley

Майлз Теллер мечтает стать мужем Шейлин Вудли

Actor miles teller may soon become the bride Shailene Woodley. The actor wants to become a part of the caste Thriller “Drifting”, in which we are talking about travelling as a young couple having had a real test destructive storm. While the teller is aiming at playing the main male role, female role already given to the star of “Divergent”. By the way, in the franchise the pair had to work together.

The Director of the Thriller is assigned to the Creator of “Everest” Baltasar Baltasar kormákur.

Media separately reported that a story that is told in the film is not fiction, but a reality, which took place in the 80s.

Direct participants of those events was Tami Oldham Eshkraft and her fiancé Richard sharp. The disaster caught a couple on the Pacific: the ship was wrecked. Sharpe took water, and now Tami was forced to fight for life alone.
When the start of shooting of the film, is not specified.

Premiere date as yet not determined.