Ben Affleck is doing everything to return to the family

Бен Аффлек делает всё, чтобы вернуться в семью

The relationship of Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner still far from perfect, however, the pair is working to fix what has been broken. Over the past few weeks, the family garner-Affleck often could be seen on the streets of Los Angeles, where they walked with the kids, went shopping, and generally had a good time.

Close to Ben informants say that now, after the completion of treatment for alcohol dependence, and he has aimed to fix this and get your family back.

Favor of the wife Affleck started to earn good deeds, or rather, doing her job: artist as Batman agrees to replace wife at all school events their 8-year-old daughter Seraphina and 11-year-old violet, and each Sunday, accompanied by his wife and three children to Church. According to insiders, Ben wants to show Jennifer that he deserves her trust and would do anything for family.

By the way, the Network is now in full discussions are held about the fact that Jennifer is pregnant again. According to “whistleblower”, in a short time in the family of garner and Affleck will be double the addition.

Recall the first time about the breakup of the pair became known in July of 2015, almost immediately after the celebration of the 10th anniversary of their marriage. Then secular observers did not believe in the reality of the situation and accepted the breakup garner and Affleck as a PR stunt for the new film about Batman. But, the premiere of the blockbuster was in 2016, and the pair still has not recovered. Note that later the culprit of the disorder in the family called the babysitter Affleck-garner Christine Ozanian. Like, it is Ben cheated on his wife.