The film “Ghost in the shell”did not meet the expectations of its creators

Фильм «Призрак в доспехах»не оправдал ожиданий создателей

Not always the presence of a star name in the caste of the film guarantees him a multimillion-dollar profit. So, for example, was the case with the picture of “Ghost in the shell”, where the main role is played by Scarlett Johansson.

This fantastic picture not so long ago walked through the world with the premiere, but unfortunately the makers have not collected the cash, at which they expected. According to experts, Paramount is making a huge mistake when I invested in this project, because it is not able to generate large profits, anyway. According to forecasts of the critics, the expectations of the Studio profits is not justified in the amount of from 60 to 100 million dollars.

It is worth saying that the Studio has already acknowledged his mistake and say that probably their mistake was the statement on the role of Japanese women (initially in history) Scarlett Johansson.

Synopsis: “Ghost in the shell” — the art of fileproperty Sanderson adrenarche fiction based odnoimennoy, mangalasasanam Сиро1992. To create the paintings spent more than $ 110 million. At the moment it is collected only 124 million dollars.