Milan Kerzhakov touching addressed to deceased father

Милана Кержакова трогательно обратилась к ушедшему из жизни отцу The wife of a famous football player honored the memory of Vadim Tyulpanov, who died in April from congestive heart failure. Milan Kerzhakova was very hard to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. She left the parent message in the Network.
Милана Кержакова трогательно обратилась к ушедшему из жизни отцу

This year the family Milan Kerzhakova happened mountain. The wife of a famous football player lost his father, Senator Vadim Tyulpanov. Politician died as a result of acute heart failure. The sudden death group was a real blow for his loved ones. On the morning of that fateful day the man lay flowers at the site of the attack in St. Petersburg, and in the evening went to the bath, where it was not good.

Milan Kerzhakov dedicated father post on social networks. Touching the player’s wife turned to a friend, giving to understand that still honors his memory. The young woman turned off comments for publication to avoid unnecessary discussions in social networks.

“My father always told me to leave his name. Love you, dad. You’re the only real man in my life” – shared in Milan.

Previously, the young woman talked about the fact that the loss of a father caused her to rethink the relationship with the spouse. When Milan was experiencing a difficult period, Alexander Kerzhakov came to her aid and supported. The choice of the athlete noted that a very grateful husband.

“You want to tell your husband that he is an incredible support for all of us that he’s the father of my child and the man I love with all my heart, because now it replaces all such doubly necessary man’s shoulder. So,” said Milan.

In recognition of Kerzhakova, at the beginning of married life it was hard for her to cope with the flow of negativity that lashed them with her husband. It is no secret that Alexander very complicated relationship with his ex-wife Catherine Safronova. The conflict between them became an occasion for discussion in the Network. “It bothered me,” frankly admitted Milan.

Over time, however, the successor of Senator realized the depth of his delusion. “I think, perhaps, it is a difficult time in my husband’s life was a test for myself – if I am worthy and my family such support, as it is when we have themselves a misfortune happens”, – concluded Milan.

We will remind that Vadim Tulpanov, died April 4, 2017. His daughter Milan admitted that grieved the loss. The young woman needed the help of professionals to recover. About a month Milan came in at the Ayurvedic clinic, where it was impossible to use the phone and surf the Internet.

“Everything is possible”: how do remember Vadim Tyulpanov his family

A few days after the sad events of Milan Kerzhakov became a mother for the first time. The Senator’s daughter gave birth to a son named Artem. The child was the third for Alexander Kerzhakov, who also has a daughter Daria and successor, Igor.