Бывший муж вдовы Марьянова раскрыл правду о причинах развода Some time ago in the press appeared information about the ex-wife Xenia BIK. Journalists contacted restaurateur Sergei Kovalenko, who has shed light on the breakup with a woman. He also denied rumors that he beat a BIC.
Бывший муж вдовы Марьянова раскрыл правду о причинах развода

Journalists managed to find the ex-wife of the widow of Dmitry Marjanova Xenia BIK. Before marrying the famous actor was married to restaurateur Sergei Kovalenko. In September he was 43. Last year, Kovalenko, living in Kharkov, registered relationship with the beloved Suzanne. Sergei has two daughters from a previous relationship.

During the conversation with reporters Kovalenko admitted that he believed Maranova a wonderful father. According to the man, he has no plans to get in touch with Ksenia and a small Mail, which was born in 2008. The restaurateur believes that the initiative must come from his ex-wife. At the same time, Sergei has no claims to Xenia. Furthermore, the man believes that Anfisa could be the successor Maranova as BIC said in an interview.

The adopted daughter of Dmitry Marjanova was his own

“Pregnancy Ksenia was leaking during our marriage, and I took them with Mail from the hospital. The rest did Dima Maryanov. If Xenia ever want to call me and say that Anfisa need my financial support, I will help. But the first step is to make Ksenia. The Pope’s role is to create the perfect conditions for life and development… Anfisa thought Dmitry and his father. And he was a good, caring dad” – quoted in the press restaurateur.
Бывший муж вдовы Марьянова раскрыл правду о причинах развода

According to rumors, Kovalenko allegedly raised a hand at the BFI. However, the former husband of Xenia denies such speculation. He said that he would never have allowed you such behavior towards a woman. Sergey considers Xenia a very bright personality. “I didn’t have the balls to give a Shine to your wife. I didn’t do that gave her Maryanov – independence and autonomy,” says the restaurateur.

Kovalenko said that Xenia did not like the constant control on his part. The current wife of the restaurateur Suzanne is so humble and tries not to go against his will. Ex-husband of Xenia also shared his version of parting with a woman. Says Kovalenko, he divorced BIC because of the conflict with her father.

“We parted on the stupidity: I wanted she took my name, the father of the BFI was highly against. We had a big fight with him,” said the man.

According to journalists, the ex-husband of Xenia BIK – a successful and wealthy businessman. Locals say that he became rich on a network of stations. Now Sergey is a show restaurant where they show musicals. Institution Kovalenko is popular among Kharkiv. “What’s our secret? We serve guests – we create emotions and learn to love”, – quotes the ex-spouse BIK “Express newspaper”.