Mila kunis for the first time openly spoke about his childhood in the Soviet Union

Мила Кунис впервые откровенно рассказала о своем детстве в Советском Союзе
The actress made an unexpected confession.

Ashton Kutcher and daughter Wyatt in Los Angeles. 2016


Mila kunis began acting at the age of 16 and is now a Hollywood star of the first magnitude. In private life she, too, everything went perfectly: she married hunk Ashton Kutcher gave birth to her daughter Wyatt, and is now expecting her second child. But few people remember that the Hollywood star originally from the Soviet Union. As it turned out, the actress didn’t forget that. For the first time and shared memories about his childhood.

“I was born in 80-ies in the Soviet Union, and it is
not the same that America, says Mila. — In many ways, then it was easier. Children educated otherwise, not coddle them now. My parents lived by the principle: less
you know — better sleep. I was raised without the bells and whistles such as special
child seats and seat belts in the car!”

Have Nice of course, like most children at that time didn’t have a babysitter, and her long left alone. “The mother recalled:
somehow Papa dried cigarettes for the battery, and once I found his mouth full
tobacco! — continues the actress. —I had no idea what it is, but I liked to chew. Nothing
wrong. And such examples million. Mom made me drink coffee a little
if not in infancy. Can’t imagine how I would koranical with my daughter!”

Now mom helps kunis to care for Wyatt. “Each time she
said: “Daughter, I remember nothing! It’s been so long! smiles Nice. But if
recalls it amazes me. I remember she was holding the baby, which was
two or three days old, and she told me that she peed. It turns out that my daughter
at this moment, nostrils flared and a little white. And mother remember that
the signs they learned that I was wet. (Laughs.) Well, who else but his mother,
can this be noted? By the way, mom still wonders about diapers.
Says they will never compare to diapers made of thin fabric, which
she sewed, washed and ironed when we were born my brother. All manually
of course…”

The full interview of the actress here.