Scandal! Jim Carrey may go to jail!

Скандал! Джим Керри может сесть в тюрьму!
The actor will have to answer in court for the death of Katrina white.

Скандал! Джим Керри может сесть в тюрьму!

Jim Carrey to Catriona white

Against Jim Carrey excited another lawsuit,
associated with the suicide of his girlfriend. This time the accuser speaks
mother, Katrina white, suicide in September last year, Bridget Sweetman.
In her lawsuit, she said that in the death of her daughter Kerry are directly responsible,
that Cartianu three sexually transmitted diseases, and then more
and accusing her of cheating. This was announced by the Internet site

As evidence of Bridget presented a handwritten
letters to daughter Kerry. Of these texts it follows that for some time before
tragic event, white felt bad. She went to the doctor and
with horror found out that had contracted three sexually transmitted infections. Because at that time she only met
Kerry, she hastened to tell him all about it. Reaction
Jim was unexpected: he rudely gave her to understand that she was infected
someone else one of those men with whom she slept besides him. And just hinted
her that she is a person of easy virtue.

From the letters of Catriona shows that Kerry’s response was for her
blow of terrible force. In vain she swore that no one met except
Jim. The only thing that managed to achieve
White he said that Catriona from just doing drama, and it quite her
tantrums. And soon told her that he intends to end their relationship. And finally
forced the girl to sign a non-disclosure agreement history of the disease. And
soon, Catriona decided to go…

As pointed out in the claim Bridget, she decided to bring
this story publicity, to show the world the true face of Kerry, who,
she believes, only pretends that he is suffering because of the death of Catriona. On
indeed, as stated by Sweetman, he’s just a “selfish bastard” and
the make-believer.

Mother Katrina white Bridget Sweetman daughter