Anastasia Makeeva has told the names of the women razrushivshij her husband

Анастасия Макеева назвала имена женщин, разлучивших ее с мужем
The actress told the details of his family life.

Анастасия Макеева назвала имена женщин, разлучивших ее с мужем

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: Oleg Zotov

After six years of marriage, Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk divorced. Beautiful and successful — they were always in sight, the couple
were considered the perfect couple. Although the crisis was growing by the day.

“I lived Gleb, his
achievements, problems. As a result, my own was less
plan — all discussions in the house have only dealt with the creative ways the man who is
like a race Sprinter. At first it was “Just exactly,” and then, almost
this time, clash of the titans… Until barely dissuaded him from “Ice
period”: “You’re in my thirty-three years for the first time will be on the ice, and if the injury?
And breathe the cold for eight hours is harmful, it will affect the voice!” Gleb
agreed with me, but continued to exist in a parallel reality of their
airs. They became the main thing in his life,” said Anastasia Makeeva in
exclusive interview in the magazine “Collection Caravan of stories”.

The only outlet for makeieva was touring with
performance of “the Territory of passion”, when she could be with her husband on stage and off. But
this statement was fatal to Anastasia, when producer
performances became the mother of Gleb Olga Salimova. “Mother-in-law was persuaded to invest in
her actor Alexander Balueva, with which it is associated not only workers, but also
friendships. And on this basis, the makeup artist Olga Salimova
suddenly he declared himself a producer! Now mother in law always interfere in
the creative process is all controlled. Confused mainly that it
does not understand the kitchen and the laws of this market… “it’s Good that you decided
become a producer, not a surgeon!” — I was joking,” recalls the actress.

Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk

Photo: Yuri Feklistov/7 Days/Close the 36th Moscow international film festival

“Gleb also knew that his mother was not at
but… If the husband suddenly decided, for example, without any education
to become a doctor and I honestly told him: “You’re crazy!” And Hleb talked
in another way: it’s your mother, but it is something interesting for you deals!
However, it now depended the fate of our project and all the artists. Among the first decisions of the producer Olga
Alimony was to promote one of the main roles of absolute Amateur in
the acting profession. Her protege of the world — a rather odd character in our
history. This is the ex-girlfriend of Hleb, which even after their breakup remained
an integral part of the Matveychuk family and called his parents mom and dad.
Just before the name change in the passport never came. Apparently, Matveychuk was closer to her
own parents. I offered to take her sister, which I, of course,
do not”, — said Makeev.

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