Mikhail Zadornov was urgently hospitalized

Михаил Задорнов был экстренно госпитализирован The artist was taken to a Moscow clinic. The comedian was forced to cancel a performance in the capital concert hall “Meridian”. According to some reports, Mikhail Zadornov had an epileptic seizure.

      During a concert in the Moscow concert hall “Meridian” humorist Mikhail Zadornov did not feel well. The artist had to be hospitalized in one of capital clinics. According to some reports, he suffered an epileptic seizure in the nervous system. Witnesses called and called the ambulance. The audience present at the show, said that Zadornov helped off the stage.

      Despite the fact that some time ago Michael was diagnosed with cancer, he decided not to cancel all performances. On the advice of doctors, he refused only from concerts in the places where he had to fly on a plane. “Yes, the treatment will be hard and long. And therefore many of the concerts are canceled. In such therapy, like chemistry, you need to save power, not to spill them on different kinds side vanity” – commented on his status, the artist in the post on the social network.

      According life.ru Zadornov was sent to a private clinic, where he observes the doctor. Previously, the comedian mentioned that his health is not very good, so he has to pass examination. Michael entrusted his treatment to Russian doctors. “I really like our specialists speaking Russian, it is logical. Our doctors heart. The West is a Protocol. “Yeah, you like this picture, then you make a cut, then the blood will go.” And the Russians gathered a Council, consulted and made a logical decision. It will be hard, I understand. But you have to pass” – said Zadornov in an interview.