Солистка группы «Город 312» рассказала о тяжелых временах Last Thursday, a guest of the online show “OK!” became the group “the City 312”. This year the team celebrates its 15th anniversary, live, the participants told their story and answered questions prepared by the editors of the magazine “StarHit”.

      Солистка группы «Город 312» рассказала о тяжелых временах

      Group “the City 312” has earned popularity and recognition among numerous fans. After 15 years they still have something to remember. Singer Aya decided to speak plainly about some of the points.

      What was your most difficult period in the entire history of the team, when I was thinking about decay. Almost every popular group sooner or later there comes such moment. Sure it was you. How did you all keep?

      – Such periods, I think, arise in each community. Not that we directly actually sat and discussed this issue – it is not. Not reach up to this. It’s when someone loses patience. He says: “I can’t!”, and then everything is somehow linked and begin to explain why we need to continue. Plus, there’s this thing that we are for 15 years, having achieved such results in their profession, have not broken up, got it all. And now suddenly disintegrate? We should be happy to continue to work on. Concerts, thank you Lord, as much as I wanted. And still make money on what you like. Well, I don’t know what you have to be stupid to just fall apart.

      About the difficult aspects of building a career in Moscow, and the promise to “earn money just for the music”:

      – We had a notebook of plans, and we’re at the end of the day summed up. I am very proud that I, as a musician, was a period of time. The period of time when my team just get pleasure from daily rehearsals. Now we gather for the rehearsal – it is easier to be killed. But again, because we are always busy.

      Солистка группы «Город 312» рассказала о тяжелых временах

      About the gift from fans in honor of the 15th anniversary of the group

      – Our students have made cakes in the concept of CHBK, in honor of our anniversary concert. CHBK – it is just there are two such directions of transcription. First, the person to be cool. And, the second is a combination of three colors. Black and white – perfect contrasts, in fact, as our team. We are all very different. Impossible just different. Don’t know how we could exist together 15 years, if not red, if not red line. This is the line of music, this is the line of passion, of lust for life and love.