Mikhail Zadornov about the fight against cancer: “Treatment will be hard and long”

Михаил Задорнов о борьбе с раком: «Лечение предстоит тяжелое и долгое» A famous comedian said about what he will have to face in the near future. Last week, Mikhail Zadornov, has informed that cancels some of their concerts. The comedian said that he will travel to the Baltic States for treatment, where it will be under the supervision of experts.

      Last week the famous comedian Mikhail Zadornov told his fans that cancels some concerts due to his health. As written on the page in a social network is a comedian, he was diagnosed with serious illness, so the doctors forbade him to fly long distances, and recommended to abandon some projects for treatment. Such statements are not a joke stirred the public, however, Zadornov did not spread about his diagnosis, but merely said that at some time he will have to go abroad for treatment. Mikhail Zadornov is struggling with a serious illness

      Received a lot of comments from fans with words of support and wishes for a speedy recovery, Mikhail decided to tell his followers about what he is preparing in the near future.

      “Yes, the treatment will be hard and long. And therefore many of the concerts are canceled. In such therapy, like chemistry, you need to save power, not to spill them on different kind of side hustle. There’s some Hvorostovsky done! Doing everything right! The doctors I have quite decent and from a professional point of view, and human” – said Zadornov on his page in the social network.

      He also did not leave without attention the fact that some have criticized him for his intention to be treated in the Baltic States. Many expressed the view that the decision goes against his beliefs, which he vehemently stated earlier. Comedian hastened to make excuses for this step and told what actually caused the desire to go to the doctors from the Baltic States.

      “Make no mistake: there are doctors that I see for many, many years. And live I have. And these doctors saved the best of Soviet medicine, not fully formed under the Protocol the EU. And anyway, the biggest thing I ever wrote – his medical history. She’s fatter than all my books put together. In “Instagram” and “Twitter” will not fit”, – hastened to reassure fans Zadornov.

      Devoted fans of comedian wished him a speedy recovery. They thanked him for what keeps them in the loop of what was happening to him.

      “Health giant! Happiness and success!” “Everything will be fine! You possess such great powers of optimism that this even no doubt”, “don’t you listen to anyone, think only of yourself, Mikhail Nikolayevich. Be sound and healthy!” – posted by netizens.