Tatiana Navka was entrusted to the youngest daughter of nanny-Chinese

Татьяна Навка доверила младшую дочь няне-китаянке The famous figure skater told who cares about her successor Nadia when she is at work. Two-year-old girl had to start learning Chinese language, because her education is a woman from China.

      Olympic champion Tatiana Navka with his family spends all their free time. In the microblog athlete shows how growing her youngest daughter Nadia. Followers of Tatiana marvel at the talents of the successor: girl teaches English language, has mastered a number of positions from gymnastics, and also, according to mom, learning to skate. The plans of the grooves to give Hope to study in the newly opened school of talents “I”, the idea of which creation belongs to the famous skater. Tatiana Navka give the younger daughter in your school

      While Tatiana was busy working on a project for my younger daughter looked after by the assistant. A woman originally from China so the little girl had from an early age to learn this foreign language.

      “My friend Sveta Lustina with which we open school, long worked in China and brought back a nanny to his daughter. The child grew up, and the Lights gave me a helpmate. Nadia still does not speak, but what he says is half Chinese, half Russian. And thinks in Chinese,” said Navka.

      Probably Tatiana wants to grow from the youngest daughter bilingual – a person who from an early age can speak two languages. However, parents instill the heir to love and to Russian culture, in particular Nadia watching well-known cartoons, taken by our filmmakers. Navka has managed to introduce the baby with such masterpieces as “the Bremen town musicians”, “Prostokvashino”, “Winnie the Pooh”.

      Because younger daughter Tatyana was filled this summer just two years, the star mom is trying not to bring the baby at major social events. “Nadia is very small, so I try not to Shine,” explained the skater. However, Hope has already been at a major concert in the festival “New wave”.

      By the way, the eldest daughter of the grooves, Sasha Zhulin, often accompany mother to fashion shows and parties. Girl does solo work under the pseudonym Alexis. According to Tatyana, Sasha always sang but had to hide this talent from his family. “We overheard and showed the specialists. It turns out it is. No one knows what profession she will choose”, – said the skater, in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.