Larissa guzeyeva told me the reason phenomenal weight loss

Лариса Гузеева назвала причину феноменального похудения Actress and TV presenter admitted that she was no longer happy with the reflection in the mirror. Besides the star of the movie was inspired by an old friend, which was able to buckle down and dropped the extra pounds. Larisa Guzeeva realized that for her it was time for a change.

      The last few months, Larissa guzeyeva actively engaged – watching food, spending time in the gym. All this, of course, came to fruition – star screen managed to get rid of extra pounds and become toned. In addition, her husband Igor Bukharov managed to lose 20 kilograms, and there is the merit of his famous wife. According to Larisa, she can now boast of pumped muscles on the legs and the ability to buy clothes a size smaller than before. It turns out that the reason for the start of the serious work was the meeting Guzeeva with an old friend. It was then that the actress decided it was time for a change.

      “Inspired by a girlfriend of his youth. She came from Switzerland, we arranged to meet in a cafe, and I didn’t recognize her. A friend said she just got tired of her appearance and she decided to change,” explained the actress.

      The confessions Larisa Guzeeva, she herself ceased to hold his own reflection in the mirror, and therefore get ahold of yourself it was morally easier. This time the issue of weight loss host of “let’s get married” came up thoroughly – she not only revised its nutrition, but also spared no effort in training in the gym. The star noted that it is not necessary to give up eating in General, it is important to pay more attention to what you eat and in what quantity.

      “The biggest misconception is to give up eating. Several times I went to the clinic fasting. In the end, lost 10 pounds, and after some time gained 20. Of these clinics, I came out haggard and miserable, with a hunted look, recalls Guzeeva in an interview with “TV”. – Any diet from the Internet effective, if it is to comply. All the most popular diets work, choose for yourself and begin. There are no miracles. Thin people don’t eat much. My friend Vera Glagoleva can order a pancake, but it will be on him all night at the plate to drive”.

      By the way, the last few weeks, Larissa willingly shares their own pictures in the blog while before most published photos of nature and family. Followers “Instagram” celebrities noticed that she had indeed improved – began to look much more fit and fresh. The star herself delighted with the change and intends to fix the result.