Mikhail Zadornov about his condition: “it’s not as good as we would like”

Михаил Задорнов о своем состоянии: «Все не так хорошо, как хотелось бы» The artist explained how she felt. On the page in social network Mikhail Zadornov hastened to tell the followers, how is his struggle with cancer. According to star comic genre, he believes that the treatment will help him.

      The famous comedian Mikhail Zadornov struggling with cancer. In October, the star personally informed fans that due to a course of treatment forced to cancel a number of concerts. According to Zadornov, strong improvements in his condition is not observed. He prefers to consult with highly qualified specialists and is not going to turn to alternative medicine. Mikhail Zadornov about the fight against cancer: “Treatment will be hard and long”

      On the page in the social network, the comedian made a post in which he spoke about how he feels at the moment and denied the rumors that appear about him on the Internet. To post Zadornov attached video containing the best moments from his trip to Easter Island.

      “In the press and on the Internet a lot of speculation about my condition. I want to clarify. Really, it’s not as good as I would like, despite the strong treatment. Suffer Alive and Robust – the quality of life. It was nice to get so many good wishes in letters. Even too much! But even more letters about what you know, like, exactly who can cure. Ask for such letters, with links to all sorts of witches and psychics, I no longer send. They have already accumulated more than a thousand. And most of them can only help healthy people. I rely on those scientists who have cured many. And Live and Zdrave draw from memories of a wonderful past. Many-to-last post sent a wonderful fun video. That’s the kind of support I would have accepted with pleasure! Live giveit, Common recuperates,” said the artist.

      We will remind that earlier Michael admitted that in addition to medication in such a difficult period of time to help him to a funny video sent to friends and acquaintances. “You feel real, force becomes larger, and in the future view is positive and optimistic!”, wrote humorist.

      Zadornov honestly told in one interview that he “sucks” feeling, but it doesn’t. Recently, the artist was forced to cancel a concert. According to some, after the speech, he was immediately sent to a sanatorium, where he was observed by professional doctors.