Oksana Fedorova is looking for native

Оксана Федорова ищет родных The presenter said “StarHit” about his plans. Not long ago, her Pets became parents, and now the fans of stars there is opportunity to take in little puppies. Thus wishing to acquire a pet will become closer to the celebrity.

      Оксана Федорова ищет родных

      Recently, Oksana Fedorova there was a happy event – her favorite Pets gave her adorable puppies. Shih Tzu Martha and Pomeranian Marshmallows Oksana Fedorova became parents.

      “We overlooked – says TV presenter “StarHit”. – Glorious puppies: three boys and a girl. Give them in good hands and will liaise with the new owners”.

      Thus, among the fans of celebrities have the opportunity to rock with it, because Fedorov is going to be interested in the fate of dogs and from time to time to contact their new owners. About replenishment in the family and their plans, the star is also reported to subscribers in social networks. This month the kids will be able to find a new home.

      By the way, the heirs of Oksana, a four year old Theodore and three year old Lisa, happy appearance of the puppies. The children enjoyed spending time, watching the younger pet and share with each other experiences.

      “The children gently play with them, – says Fedorov. – Gave birth to Martha in the veterinary clinic. Her seven plus years. I was afraid to take the kids”.

      Visit Oksana Fedorova in one of the social networks have already appeared willing to take puppies. The TV presenter is willing to share the details of the life of the younger kids and talks about who and how the character has. For example, dogs actively show their temper in the process of feeding, and those around you can see immediately who has leadership qualities, and who is being modest. “The kids has grown up so much. The Pomeranian and Shih Tzu. Turned out great kids. Tried Zephyr”, – such comments are accompanied by Fedorova their posts about puppies in social networks.