Mikhail Shufutinsky rebuilt dacha outside Moscow for the anniversary

Михаил Шуфутинский отстроил подмосковную дачу к юбилею King chanson asked for help in the program “a Perfect repair”. Mikhail Shufutinsky was asked to make a spacious and luxurious the gazebo, where his birthday will meet many friends and large family.
Михаил Шуфутинский отстроил подмосковную дачу к юбилею

The following year – the anniversary of the famous artist chanson Michael Shufutinsky, he will be seventy years. The actor and his family have already started to prepare for the upcoming festival which is scheduled for April 2018. It was decided that without a large and stylish space for the occasion can not do. For help with his device at the dacha outside Moscow, the singer turned to the program “a Perfect repair”.

As it turned out, the main character of the project dreams of a comfortable gazebo that allows a good time at any time of the year, hiding from the scorching summer sun, autumn rain and winter frost in a cozy room with a fireplace.


Михаил Шуфутинский отстроил подмосковную дачу к юбилею
Михаил Шуфутинский отстроил подмосковную дачу к юбилею“I want a beautiful, stylish and spacious room. On the anniversary of the grandchildren will come from America, many people. Remember what gazebo you made in a country house Lev Leshchenko. I want something like that. But at the same time give you full creative freedom,” said a broadcaster Natasha Barbier Mikhail Shufutinsky.
Михаил Шуфутинский отстроил подмосковную дачу к юбилею

The basis was taken the existing building on the site, which contrasted sharply in style with the luxurious mansion anybody. The authors decided that a new pavilion should be of a five star level. The old building was partially demolished and made to him an extension.

Михаил Шуфутинский отстроил подмосковную дачу к юбилею

In addition, it was decided to set the grill to organize the kitchen for cooking traditional national dishes and culinary experiments, to arrange the dining room and relaxation area.
The resulting space is insulated so that the family could spend time here not only in summer. Most of the walls glazed, designers believe that a lot of light does not happen. Around the perimeter of the house has made an open terrace with an area of seventy square meters and created a panoramic roof.

It is important that this project used only natural materials – wood and massive vertical beams.

Inside the room is divided into two zones – dining and soft, allocated barbecue area and under the bathroom, walls designed with Italian tiles, imitating white marble.

Central to the gazebo was occupied by a large original fireplace. The gazebo was decorated in light natural colours – light grey, turquoise and white, abandoning the bright elements and accents.

Used for floor decking, walls and ceiling – paint. In the area set sofa and table, in the dining room – a large table from a slab of oak and practical chairs. Complements the interior of soft textured fabrics and live plants.

The new terrace set, rattan furniture is not afraid of changes in temperature and can last for many years.

“This is the house of receptions? – responded to the new structure in the suburban area Mikhail Shufutinsky. – I even imagine you could not. How lovely, what a beauty! I don’t understand how in such a short time could create such beauty. Incredibly talented. I’m touched. A huge thank you to the “Perfect repair”. For me it is very worth it”.