Marina Zudina and Oleg Tabakov had an argument at the rehearsal

Марина Зудина и Олег Табаков повздорили на репетиции In the air the popular program “Smak” star of theatre and film told about the reasons of conflict with her husband. Celebrities have different points of view, when you look and evaluate the work with their son Paul. This often provokes a debate between Suginoi and Tabakov.

Marina Zudina rarely tells the General public about his personal life and relationship with Oleg Tabakov. The actress prefers to talk about creativity and about new her performances. However, in a conversation with Ivan Urgant for the preparation of mushroom soup, the star decided to revelation. She remembered about the conflict that has happened to her husband.

“Once Oleg Pavlovich came to the run to the Pasha. He praised him and said that everything is fine. It was strange because Oleg Pavlovich is almost always critical. And then I visited the rehearsal and noticed a bunch of bugs. Then we made a large wager,” said Zudina.

The conflict was quickly resolved, and the son of famous actors confessed that he felt them. According to Paul, he has long been accustomed to criticism, and takes it normally.

Now tobacco-Jr. has been successfully building his acting career. A young man plays in the theatre in several performances, and also appears in feature films and television series. Heir of the famous parents admitted that it makes no concessions, and he doesn’t even have a personal dressing room in the theater.

Marina Zudina too long been accustomed to the professional judgement of the husband. The actress said that not to worry, if in the hall during her performance on stage there is Oleg Tabakov, because he watches the show like a Pro and always gives a balanced assessment.

“Much more worried if in the sitting room mom, dad or Pasha. It is important for me their opinion as spectators, and Oleg Pavlovich evaluates the events on the stage from a professional point of view,” says the actress.

Now Marina Zudina plays mostly on the stage. The woman combines work in the Studio of Oleg Tabakov in Mhte. Besides, the star manages to find the time and the upbringing of her son and daughter. But Paul, which this year was 22 years old, is often missing at home. “He stopped overnight with us at the age of 15 years. The son then went to College at least, we thought so”, – shares his memories of the actress.

Oleg Tabakov decided on a Frank admission about your spouse

Pavel Tabakov was repeatedly told how the influence of famous relatives changed his attitude to career and to life. According to the novice actor, father never gave him concessions that helped the young man gain independence.