Нумеролог: «Алексей Чадов экономит на девушках» Today, September 2, popular actor rejects birthday. Alexey turns 36 years old. Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the artist. The specialist noted that he needs a woman who will build him equal treatment.
Нумеролог: «Алексей Чадов экономит на девушках»

Today, September 2, Alexei Chadova marks 36 years. The man has starred in more than thirty paintings and a few months ago, the premiere of the series “Dead at 99%” with the participation of the talented actor. The artist grows 3-year-old son Theodore, born in marriage with Agnia Ditkovskite. Agnia Ditkovskite officially divorced Alexei Chadov

About breaking celebrities, it became known two years ago, since then Chadov hides personal life. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the actor and made a prediction on his future.

“Alex was born in “Day of the business relationship”. His life code – 303268 – means that he’d make a great businessman: he is lucky, lucky is a hard worker and always striving to earn more money. But he has low self-esteem, it has become the reason for breaking up with Agnia, which tried to dominate in their family that did not suit Chadova. He needs to marry in numerology and to calculate in advance the compatibility with the chosen one, not to repeat the bitter experience with Ditkovskite. He needs one that will build with it an equal relationship and not to be treated lightly,” said the expert.

According to Kuzenbaeva, Alex is a very educated man, so the girls often use this trait, trying to manipulate him, that celebrity is not acceptable.

“It’s not so easy to contact with the opposite sex, overly cautious, and before you admit to yourself someone will be a long time to study man. So to marry him to himself will not be so easy… Well, not to say that many would like to be his wife: Chadov of those who like to save and girls this feature it is very annoying. But for himself, by the way, Alex is spending, not looking…” – said Clara.

Numerologist explained that despite the fact that Chadova not expressed line of the family, it remains an ideal father to Theodore: kind, caring and very attentive. In the future, between father and son established a strong relationship.

“Today in the life of an actor starts a difficult period, he will have a lot of work to stay afloat. But after three years, the actor will see the fruits of their work – it is waiting for a new Chapter and a new love and the birth of a child,” – said Kuzenbaeva.