Mikhail Derzhavin said goodbye to the audience before dying

Михаил Державин попрощался со зрителями перед смертью The actor gave an exclusive interview to the First channel and programme “Tonight”. When I recorded his little monologue about TV show of the 60’s “Tavern “13 chairs” nobody expected that this movie will be the last. As for the famous gear, Mikhail Derzhavin said goodbye to the audience.
Михаил Державин попрощался со зрителями перед смертью

The Saturday edition of the program of the First channel “Tonight” is a sentimental look into the past. This time the program was devoted to 60-th years. In Studio guests Menshovoj Yulia and Maxim Galkin recalled vivid films of the period, TV shows and all that so liked the Soviet audience. “Republic SHKID”, “Three plus two”, “Scarlet sails” and of course “Zucchini “13 chairs”. This pop-entertainment a Comedy show for the first time was released in 1966 and was broadcast until 1981. Contemporaries of the program recall that when she went “Squash”, the streets of Moscow were empty. All the actors who starred in this TV show, became stars of their time. Natalia Selezneva, Olga Aroseva, Alexander Beliavsky, Spartak Mishulin and, of course, Mikhail Derzhavin.

People’s artist of Russia in “the Pub” was a leading pan. Each edition of the show begins with his release and ended his appearance and encouraging words.

In the programme “Tonight” “Tavern” recalled actress Natalia Selezneva and Victoria Lepko – they were playing respectively the role of lady Katarina and lady Karolinki. Especially for a program made a video with the memories of the work of Mikhail Derzhavin. “When I recorded this video with Derzhavin, nobody knew that this would be his last television interview,” – said Maxim Galkin.

“Some of you will be surprised what a “Tavern “13 chairs” and it was the most popular transmission. And I was for 14 years the program that you adored in the Soviet Union, because prior to this programme, such a programme was not even in the Soviet Union. A day off for two assists. In the morning, then raced to the theater, where the audience called us as he called us names today’s broadcast of “Zucchini 13 chairs”. I shouted: “Mr. Moderator,” he said in his-m the last interview of Mikhail Derzhavin.
Михаил Державин попрощался со зрителями перед смертью

In the video, Mikhail is dressed in a light suit and smiling. The actor reminded the audience that in the Studio now for the best Pani – Katarina and Karolinka. “I beg you to tell me something interesting,” – said the artist. And he, according to tradition, in the same way as in the TV show “Tavern “13 chairs”, said her signature farewell, which today sounds different. Mikhail Derzhavin said goodbye to his audience for the last time.

“Dear friends, our meeting came to an end. The time has come to say goodbye and tell you: “thank you!” – said Mikhail Derzhavin.

Mikhail Derzhavin died 10 January 2018 at the age of 82 after a long illness. Parting with your favorite actor will be held in his native Moscow theater of Satire Monday, January 15, at 11 o’clock. Buried Mikhail Derzhavin at the Novodevichy cemetery.

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