Each Semenova: “Diana Shurygina 14 years working as a prostitution”

Друг Семенова: «Диана Шурыгина с 14 лет промышляет проституцией» Parole 22-year-old boy became the main news of this week, and Sergei himself was at the center of attention of journalists and the public. Some categorically called Semenova rapist Diana Shurygina, others a victim of deception her family. How met Sergey with their families, what plans he has built for the future and why Shurygina has not passed the lie detector, “StarHit” said family friend semenovykh, Profiler Ilya Anishchenko.
Друг Семенова: «Диана Шурыгина с 14 лет промышляет проституцией»

1 April 2016 Semenov, probably will not forget never, it was the day his life changed forever. Sergei went to the friend on birthday. To the party came a few girls – friends of the birthday boy. Among them were minors Diana Shurygina, which, according to the Semenov and some of his friends, behaved provocatively, drank a lot of alcohol and hinted to the boys to intimacy.

Then between Semenov and Shurygino had sex, and after a while, the girl accused the young man of rape. The life of Sergei “fell down”: police, courts, television broadcast… the Story immediately received wide publicity, Diana and Sergey became heroes (and to some extent – memes) on the Internet. The famous phrase of the girl that she had only “at the bottom”, still raises a smile. Most of all – sad. Moreover, in some bars even have a cocktail with the same name.

However, Semenov and his family did not laugh, because the guy was sentenced to eight years in prison. However, later the term was reduced to three years. But in the end, he served just over a year. This week, the morning of January 9, he was released on PAROLE.

“Serge with tears in his eyes met the parents, sister, friends… – said the “StarHit” Ilya Anishchenko, comrade Sergei. I, too, was present. We can say, that the day of liberation held our acquaintance with him. Previously communicated only through his family, which over the year became close to me. Family semenovykh it was very hard”.

“I was their guest. We have warmly communicated. Sergei shook my hand, hugged and thanked for the help – adds Anishchenko. – He became my friend and their house is my second home.”
Друг Семенова: «Диана Шурыгина с 14 лет промышляет проституцией»

Ilya Anishchenko very interesting and unusual profession. He is a Profiler. The man’s speech and behavior of a person determines one’s lying or telling the truth. When the man learned about the history Semenova, volunteered to help – to restore justice. Ilya spent the whole investigation in which he was assisted by friends of Sergei: Anna and Eugene. Together they managed to collect a lot of dirt on the young star of the Internet, which during the year became Shurygina.

“When I published my investigation for the first time, I immediately pounced, the fans and the fans of Diana began to insult me, to threaten, but I just know that Semenov is not guilty, and Shurygina – lying. Diana even the lie detector was held at a well-known program. The machine showed that there was no rape, adds Anishchenko. – When it happened, Shurygina tried to escape from the air, threw a tantrum, but stopped her, asked. In the end all beat and made a statement”.

According to Anishchenko, he managed to dig out the scandalous and hard-hitting facts from the past girls.

Друг Семенова: «Диана Шурыгина с 14 лет промышляет проституцией»“She was a prostitute since the age of 14 – categorical Profiler. – Parents knew about it and took interest, and “protected” her brother Natalia, mother of Shurygino who worked as the head of the criminal investigation Department of one of areas of Ulyanovsk. Diana got into the police, but uncle pulled her out. Anna, a friend of Semenov, who helped me in the investigation, with fake web pages corresponded with Shurygino when it was a consequence. Moreover, we were able to find her clients, which she provided various types of services.”
Друг Семенова: «Диана Шурыгина с 14 лет промышляет проституцией»

Expert liespotting ready to continue to help, was unsuccessful in restoring the good name of the truth, but in this matter everything will depend on the guy. “Now he is no end of invitations to different TV programs, – says Ilya. – I think that somewhere he still will speak. Why not? The story should get resonance. He was silent for so long. In any case, Sergei is not configured to take revenge on anyone, he just wants to live and they have already made plans for the future. For example, he wants to recover at the University and to education”.