Lawyer Alena Kravets: “We will apply for Dana Borisov to court”

Адвокат Алены Кравец: «Мы будем подавать на Дану Борисову в суд» The singer is outraged by the accusations against him. As Alain says, because of the slander affected not only herself, but also her daughter. The artist believes that the presenter is trying to cash in on her name and not going to tolerate it.
Адвокат Алены Кравец: «Мы будем подавать на Дану Борисову в суд»

On the days between Dana Borisova and Alena Kravets real scandal. The singer allegedly condemned the behavior of the presenter that do not like the latter. As a result, young women began sparring.

Kravets was outraged by such statements in his address. She said “StarHit” that after the words Borisova she faced this harassment.

“She fueled the hatred around my person, Yes such strong that I even had some time to close the Instagram account. At me poured such a stream of negativity! People calling me names, thinking I was a woman of easy virtue. Because of this situation affected not only me but also my daughter. For me, as a mother, it hurts the most,” shared experiences and aspirations.
Адвокат Алены Кравец: «Мы будем подавать на Дану Борисову в суд»

Kravets stresses that the conflict began to develop Borisov. According to her, it is needed a presenter to black PR. However, Alena did not intend to continue participating in the scandal. She wants as soon as possible to resolve the situation and restore their reputation.

Адвокат Алены Кравец: «Мы будем подавать на Дану Борисову в суд»“By saying that I am a fallen and a woman was not the end. She thought it a little, and Dana launched the next information about that I allegedly threatened her with physical violence. Which is also, of course, is a lie. Most interesting is that I was a man, who allegedly wrote bad things about my availability. He admitted that he wasn’t doing anything, and Dana is all rigged,” said Alena.

“StarHit” has contacted a lawyer Kravets Nazar Nazarov. The man confirmed that his client does not intend to leave the opponent with impunity. Now she and her lawyer are preparing a lawsuit.

“Alain is very upset. Of course, she would not tolerate such an insult and slander. We’re going to file a lawsuit under the article “Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation”. Dana Borisov we will attract as a defendant and try to achieve justice,” – said Nazarov.

Borisov itself extremely reluctant to discuss the conflict. She doesn’t want to continue to develop the scandal, because now all The busy thoughts of the upcoming trial with her ex-husband over custody of their daughter Polina. Earlier comments in the “StarHit” she stressed that everyone’s well-wisher.

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