Mikhail Boyarsky: “My wife was never married”

Михаил Боярский: «Моя жена никогда не была замужем» The artist and Larissa Luppian an unusual relationship. Mikhail Boyarsky hinted that his wife only care about personal attachment. The actor is thrilled that his beloved woman disappeared in the children and grandchildren. According to star, she’s divinely beautiful.
Михаил Боярский: «Моя жена никогда не была замужем»

Mikhail Boyarsky became the hero of the Sunday program of the First channel “Honestly” with Yury Nikolaevym. To give a candid interview with the famous TV presenter, the actor arrived from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

During the conversation, Yuri Nikolaev touched on the topic of relationships in the family of Mikhail Boyarsky, which, as you know, many years married to actress Larissa Luppian. Despite the difficulties that arise in relations between spouses, the couple managed to keep the marriage and is an example for many.

“What it means to be the wife of a boyar? This enviable role?” – asked the actor Yuri Nikolaev. “I don’t know, I never was the wife of the boyar” – with a smile replied the artist. And then he gave to understand that he and his wife have a special relationship.

Михаил Боярский: «Моя жена никогда не была замужем»“The fact that my wife was never married to the boyar, and I was not married to Luppian. She is married to Bear, and I’m married to Larissa, – says the actor. – We have quite a different attitude than many people think. We are only at the personal level to communicate with her, and where I work, where they filmed her performance, we do not care. We are only interested in personal attachment Larissa is now doing the same thing that all mothers – she entirely disappeared in children and grandchildren. And in this she is divinely good.”
Михаил Боярский: «Моя жена никогда не была замужем»

Mikhail Boyarsky admitted that he and his wife often disagree. But this is for their joint work on the stage. As a rule, all of the preparation for the performances begin peacefully, but end with loud scandal.

“Our rehearsals are good, it never ended. We starts everything is good, but then always have differences of opinion, so it’s better not to rehearse,” continues Mikhail Boyarsky.

According to the actor, people in love may not be happy with each other. One in the pair always seems that he likes more, and it needs constantly to seek confirmation of self-love in a partner.


“It’s not flowers, not gifts, is the feeling that accompanies a couple of life – the desire to be loved. Person needs to know it, – says Mikhail Boyarsky. – What does this mean? Maybe the gesture, the look, the touch. But it’s a very shaky path”.

In the final transmission, according to tradition, Yuri Nikolaev asks his interlocutors, which word is important in their lives. Mikhail Boyarsky answered without hesitation to this question.

“Mom your all. All! Mom was my gorgeous, wonderful. And there is hardly a person who could say that his mother was worse than someone else. Moms are all equally beautiful. They are so fond of us that to be grateful for that we never have time,” concluded a famous actor.