Polina Gagarina shared their survey results daughter

Полина Гагарина поделилась результатами обследования дочки
The singer is worried about the health of the six-month MIA.

Polina Gagarina with her daughter MIA

Photo: @gagara1987 (Instagram Polina Gagarina)

Polina Gagarina very rarely shares the details of the life of a little girl. The actress shielded a little MIA from the obsessive attention of the press and fans. But yesterday the birthday of the beloved girls, the singer could not resist and told us a bit about the life of her “baby” fans.

Gagarin, like many young mothers, up to the year celebrates the birthday of MIA’s every month. And eve was the first “round” date — she turned six months. Your birthday daughter Pauline met in the pediatrician’s office. The singer is extremely responsible approach to issues of health. Therefore, a complete check at the doctor yesterday was listed as the most important job in the job list for the day. The singer was nervous before the visit to the pediatrician, but fortunately, MIA is developing according to all established standards. After receiving approval from the coach, Pauline said this event “zapresheno” — enjoyed a piece of delicious berry cake.

“And as usual, the mothers, we focus on the child every month, and six months or so anniversary present! And, of course, planned to check at the pediatrician… I, as usual, was a little worried, but in vain — the doctor said that MIA, everything is fine, so we continue in the same spirit. A lot of walking, lots of sleep and plenty to eat. Speaking of “eat”! My coach even let me on this occasion, the cake! Sorry MIA this yummy not yet, but she has her own diet,” said Pauline.

Recently, by the way, stellar nurseries there is another MIA. Rita Dakota gave birth to a daughter and named her this fashionable name. Also, by the way, his name and the little heiress Agatha muceniece. Paul’s wife Priluchnogo was disappointed to learn that the name of her daughter became too popular.