Mikhail Boyarsky about his marriage: “I was never married to Luppian”

Михаил Боярский о своем браке: «Я никогда не был женат на Луппиан»
The actor revealed the secret to a happy family life.

Mikhail Boyarsky and Larisa Luppian

Mikhail Boyarsky was the guest of the program “Honestly Yuri Nikolayev”. One of the topics discussed on the air, was the personal life of the actor. People’s artist for more than 40 years of happy marriage with Larisa Luppian. Mikhail Gorbachev knows that the secret to a perfect marriage is that his wife didn’t marry a famous actor, and for the man she loved.

“The fact that my wife was never married to the boyar, and I was not married to Luppian. She is married to Bear, and I’m married to Larissa. We have quite a different attitude than many people think. We are only at the personal level to communicate with her, and where I work, where they filmed her performance, we do not care. We are only interested in personal attachment Larissa is now doing the same thing that all mothers – she entirely disappeared in children and grandchildren. And she’s divinely beautiful.” — praises the wife of the boyar.

Gorbachev could not find a precise description of the whole kaleidoscope of his feelings for his wife, but I do believe that his love is not measured by gifts. “It’s not flowers, not gifts, is the feeling that accompanies a couple of life – the desire to be loved. Person needs to know that. What does this mean? Maybe the gesture, the look, the touch. But it’s a very shaky path!” — added Boyarsky.

In a long life together the couple raised two children Elizabeth and Sergei, and now busy caring for grandchildren. Mikhail Sergeyevich, of course, spoils the little heirs known names, as it believes it is the responsibility of all “grandparents”.