SENSATION: the Daughter of Spartaka Mishulina was stunned by the confession about the father

СЕНСАЦИЯ: Дочка Спартака Мишулина ошарашила признанием об отце
What more can not be silent the heir to a legendary actor?

СЕНСАЦИЯ: Дочка Спартака Мишулина ошарашила признанием об отце

Karina Mishulina

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Alone with all”

Timur Eremeev

In the midst of the scandal with Timur Yeremeyev, who considers himself the son of Spartaka Mishulina, daughter of legendary actor Karina decided on a sudden and shocking confession. According to the heiress of the artist, it is 100% sure that Eremeev from the beginning, lied about the fact that Spartacus was his father, as early as 1981 have Mishulina, as it turned out, had developed infertility. Accordingly, it could not be the father of Timur, born in 1983.

Karina said that in that year her father had a worsening appendicitis, against which he developed infertility. Spartacus with his wife dreamed of adding to the family, but the doctors, as says the daughter of actor shrugged and couldn’t help Michelino. All evidence that Spartacus could not physically have after diseases of children, Karina will provide to the court. She has the necessary information, which she believes can put an end to the scandal Yeremeyev.

Mishulina daughter has already announced that it will sue the Timur “victory”. Karina has set a goal to punish the impostor who had nerves of her family. “He could just come and say that he is ashamed of his actions, but really doubt about relationships. We’d passed all the tests, but Timur went the other way. Now my mom has health problems,. It literally shakes. Sugar increased, the pressure jumps. I don’t want him to go unpunished for this!” — said Karina was in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.