New lover of Mick Jagger younger than his 52 years

Новая любовница Мика Джагера моложе его на 52 года
Old rocker preys on young beauties.

Mick Jagger


72-year-old Mick Jagger does not want to settle down. Less than a year ago
a friend of ballerina Melanie gave birth to Henrik
he is the son of Devereaux. And now, Jagger moved on to a new hottie! During the European part of his world tour, Mick spun new
Roman. Arriving in Paris, he almost all of his free concerts the
spent with the new girl – Nur Alhalla. Beauty is directly related to show business — she’s the producer and she is only 22 years old. That is, the sultry beauty is more than
half a century younger than Jagger! She Nur was born in the United States, and her parents are originally from
Kuwait. As reported, Mick and Nur introduced their mutual friend — a famous film Director
and producer Brett Rattner.

The first time Jagger and Alfala seen together after his concert. As
claim to follow them, the paparazzi, the couple proceeded together to the apartment
rented a rocker. The next day they appeared together in the restaurant Caviar Kaspia. And another day later into a popular institution,
specializing in Italian cuisine — La Stresa. And each time, as witnessed
reporters, the couple returned late to the apartment Jagger. And when
the end of the last specified in the schedule of the rocker concerts in Paris
Mick served in the United States, Alfala followed him.

How it all reacted to his former girlfriend Melanie Hamrick while
unknown. According to available information, after she bore him a child,
Mick bought her a house in new York and from time to time visits her and son. Total
rocker 8 is recognized by children from five different women.