Middleton got into a fight at a charity event

Миддлтон подралась на благотворительном мероприятии

Athletes persuaded the Duchess to put on the Boxing gloves and learn the right hook.

Kate Middleton, as it turned out, could surprise not only excellent taste and stylish images. The other day the Duchess of… got into a fight at a charity event project Heads Together.

But do not be afraid! This action was, so to speak, with the permission of the Prince and under the flash of cameras.

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Athletes present at the event, invited the young mother to put on the Boxing gloves and do some lunges. This idea Kate even jumped with delight. Relish the special situation highlighted the fact that the wife of Prince William was dressed in a simple set of blouses and skirts. Yes, and was wearing shoes with high heels.

“Kate strikes were much more confident and accurate than the attempts of princes William and Harry. The Duchess easily “made” your husband and brother-in-law” – repeated excitedly eyewitnesses in an interview with us magazine People.

Well, Kate is an experienced athlete. Not only that Middleton regularly attends classes on the pylon (which, by the way, Angers the Queen), so also the mother of two kids. And we all know how much energy and effort to keep up with the children.

Video posted by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) on 16 May 2016 at 3:34 PDT

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