Rum the Beast collided with the shark in the Maldives

Рома Зверь столкнулся с акулой на Мальдивах

The soloist of group “Beasts” gave his wife a romantic vacation for his birthday.

Roma have a Beast in this year’s active period: in March, the artist released a seventh album, “Animals” “no Fear”, took just two new clips, has launched the first ever high-tech group show “no Fear”.

Before this program on June 18 at the Green theatre see Moscow, Roma decided to take a little time out and spend time with family. The artist together with his wife Marina went for a week in a romantic vacation in the Maldives.

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The trip coincided with the 34th birthday of the Marina Queen, which the couple said on the Indian ocean. Lovers for the first time in a long time, went on a trip together, leaving daughters Olga and Zoe in the care of grandmothers in Moscow.

Roma Zver spent much time in the ocean snorkeling, watching the beauty of the underwater world. This continued until, until he was nose-to-nose collided with the shark. The singer was very scared, faced with a predator.

Fortunately, it turned out that this species is completely harmless. The locals explained to Roman that he had nothing to fear.

Delicacies from Roma and Marina liked sashimi made from fish which the leader of group “Beasts” caught yourself. Also while on holiday on the island of Rum and Marina filmed a video for the song “You’re so beautiful” from the seventh Studio album.

Ahead of the frontman of “Beasts” scheduled concerts in Minsk, Almaty, Baku and Moscow, as well as shooting and editing music videos for the tracks from the new album.

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