Мик Джаггер навестил мать своего полугодовалого сына

73-year-old rocker Mick Jagger and mother of his eighth child, 29-year-old ballerina Melanie Hamrick was seen in one of the restaurants in new York. Eyewitnesses claim that on Saturday evening the couple spent the evening in drinking establishments, sweet talking, then they went to Melanie’s home, where Mick’s gone the next day.

Recall that the news of the pregnancy a new passion old rock musician was first adopted for “duck”, but soon confirmed that Mick has still got it.

To marry the mother of your child Jagger originally was not going, and she’s not too eager to associate with him his fate, and the sum of two million dollars. which Mick had paid the woman, gave all the parties.
It is commendable that father Mick does not intend to abandon, and therefore continues to participate in the education of the younger son. Jagger, however, a bit worried that when his son grows up, he’ll have no strength to play with him.