Принц Чарльз умолял Камиллу не выходить замуж за Эндрю Паркера-Боулза

As informs edition Daily Mail, citing a new book by penny Junor, one of the best Royal writers of great Britain, Prince Charles really did not want to his beloved Camilla married Andrew s Parker-Bowles. According to penny, Camille deliberately chose the “alpha male”, and not the throne.

In the book it is reported that Charles begged Camille to marry Andrew when Diana and next was not. The Prince went mad with jealousy, but to marry a sweetheart not offered. The Prince was not allowed to marry the woman he loves, knowing that she was no longer a virgin. The Royal family insisted that the Prince’s bride must be pure. Camille, meanwhile, continued to meet with Andrew and in the end waited for his proposal of marriage.
Camilla met with Bolsom for seven years and desperately wanted to be his wife, even knowing that he has many mistresses, some of whom were … her friends.
In the book Junor talks about how on one of the social events the woman sitting next to Andrew asked him, “You hurt me, Andrew. I was the only friend of Camille, by which you passed. Something wrong?”
On the eve of marriage to Diana in 1981 and Charles cried all night. This information penny confirmed many of the friends of Camilla and her family. Not very happy and seemed very Diana. She knew that Charles marries her not for love. According to the journalist, the day of the wedding the groom and the bride was in tears, but these tears were not of joy. The couple made two wonderful sons, William and Gary, and divorced in 1996, and in 1997 Diana crashed to death in a car accident.

Camilla divorced Andrew and I married Charles, who had not ceased relations during his marriage. The British not liking this couple, and I regret the beautiful Diana, who left behind a trail of good memory.