Певица Натали раскрыла секрет стройности после родов

In early April the Russian popular 43-year-old singer Natalie became a mother for the third time. However, she went on a long maternity leave, and continued to actively engage in creative career and to give concerts. The followers admire the figure of the singer – in a month after giving birth she didn’t have any extra pounds. Natalie doesn’t hide her diet and happily tells everyone about his power, which enable it to always be in shape.

Singer Natalie, a mother of three sons, the envy of all women. Not every young girl can boast of such sophisticated forms. It seems that the artist is sitting on a rigid diet all day and disappears in the hall. But it’s not that Natalie does not limit itself in food, and physical activity recognizes only household chores.
As journalists found out, the singer denies diets did not recognize hunger days and visits the gym. The secret of harmony lies in the unique power system, called “two hands”. Natalie said that consume food no more than can fit in two hands. To determine the portion, to fold the palm into a Cup and get the amount of food that is recommended. This amount singer eats every three hours. And even in the evening, when the dreams, the actress always eats. And that’s what it is – lettuce or cake – doesn’t matter. As Natali argues, such portions, even forbidden sweet, not terrible for the figure. important to observe the volume and time interval.
Such a system Natalie has developed over the years and it never failed. “Two palms” allow you to get used to eat little and often. This triggers the metabolism, the body “knows” that he will not starve, and easily discards the extra pounds.
Natalie is happy to cook for the whole family various Goodies. Her signature dish, beloved by all the family, chicken soup with noodles.
The singer admits that she has a lot of helpers around the house, but she cleans her own house. For her this kind of physical activity instead of a gym. Sports Natalie recognizes only that.