Mick Jagger cheated on his pregnant girlfriend

Мик Джаггер изменял своей беременной подруге
The singer met the two mistresses at the same time.

Мик Джаггер изменял своей беременной подруге

Mick Jagger


Nuur Alhalla


Fans of old
rocker shocked by the unexpected news. How did you learn to reporters
the popular British newspaper Daily Mail, the 74-year-old Mick Jagger still manages
had an affair with two beauties
at the same time. As it turned out, while 23-year-old ballerina Melanie Hamrick, girlfriend
Mika was carrying his youngest child, a son Devereaux, he simultaneously met
with another girl!

We are talking about Noor Alfallah, about the novel from which
it became known recently. When Mika with Nuur for the first time managed to shoot together, all
I thought that they started Dating recently. But, as told
reporters one of the friends of rocker John Branca, Jagger began Dating
Alfala in 2015-m to year. Moreover, John confirmed that Mika and Nuur
links not noncommittal affair, they are quite serious

Hamrick was pregnant and the first time after the birth of his youngest son, Jagger
chose not to advertise their relationship with the sultry hottie is a native of
Kuwait. He didn’t want to hurt Melanie, who, while Devereaux was quite tiny
felt especially vulnerable. In the end, Jagger worked out so well
to zakonservirovat his novel that Henrik never for a moment doubted that she
Mick “exclusive” relationship.

As for
Nuur, she seems quite happy with Jagger, who first saw
her when she was still in school. The fact that Mick is friendly with her parents
the Kuwaiti businessman-a millionaire living in America, and his wife Alana. But
to meet Nuur, according to John Branca, Mick began when she became
quite grown-up. Moreover, the first time, their contact was only business — the girl’s parents
asked Jagger, which has extensive connections in Gollivude to help their daughter
to start a production career. Mick could not refuse the request of his old
friend, but his relationship with Nuur rather quickly turned into a novel. But although
Jagger was clearly a knockdown of his Kuwaiti girlfriend, she, according to Branca, no
is to build far-reaching plans. She is unlikely to get hold of Mick, who,
by his own admission, life has managed to bestow his attention
more than 1,000 women.