The young wife of Sergei Chelobanova have quarreled with his son

Молодая жена Сергея Челобанова поссорила его с сыном
The singer explained why not involved in the life of a granddaughter.

Sergei Chelobanov

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “the Stars aligned”

Sergei chelobanov in January of last year was once again a father. The child gave him a young lass — the young singer Eugene. In the near future the artist is getting ready to get married with the mother of his third child. Family idyll Chelobanova overshadowed by one fact: his eldest son against the father beloved.

Chelobanov believes that all because of jealousy 34-year-old Denis. He broke off communication with his father after found out about the affair his father. Moreover, Sergei lost contact not only with native son, but with her granddaughter. Denis prohibits the musician to communicate with members of his family.

“I haven’t met her granddaughter for two years. It is a choice son. He leaned on the horn and prevents my communication with the child. Like cut me off, erased from his life. I do not understand where’s the baby? Let’s pouting at me, but I want to chat with a girl. Let’s see what will happen next,” — said chelobanov in the show “the Stars aligned”.

Chelobanov sure the feelings of Eugene and has no doubt that the girl he truly loves. By the way, the offer of marriage he made this spring for the filming of “the Secret to a million.” Eugene said Yes, but the wedding was decided to be postponed. Sergei intends to marry later, when his youngest son is a little older.