A picture of Britney Spears, bought for 10 thousand dollars

Картину, нарисованную Бритни Спирс, купили за 10 тысяч долларов
For the creation of the singer turned serious “battle”.

The painting, sold for 10 thousand dollars

Photo: @britneyspears Instagram Britney Spears

Landscape with the 35-year-old
the singer has depicted his garden, was successfully sold at a charity auction in
Las Vegas. And, for the right to become the owner of the creations Britney Spears among participants
of trading developed this “battle”. In the end, the painting was sold for 10 thousand
dollars. She was recognized as one of the best lots in the auction.

We are talking about the same one
the picture, which Britney captured on video, posted it on their
a page in a social network. Recall: this video has delighted fans
singer. Moreover, the reason for the rapid approval of the fans were not only drawn, Spears landscape. Because in addition to his creative talent, Britney managed while effectively
to show their ample Breasts.

As for Britney,
she was very pleased with the results of the auction, because it was collected
funds in a Fund to help the families of the victims of the mass shooting listeners gathered
at a music festival in Las Vegas. “Flowers in my painting represent
the beginning of a new life. This attitude helps us to move forward. I appreciate your
the generosity displayed at the auction. I love you, Las Vegas!” — said Britney. Earlier
Spears, who works in the city concert engagement with the 2013th year
admitted that he considers Vegas “my second home”. And she was one of the first stars who expressed their condolences on the unfolding tragedy.