Michael Turetsky put the kids in a space ship

Михаил Турецкий посадил детей в космический корабль On the eve of the birthday, the musician went to Star city. Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov took the VIP tour for the family of Michael Turkish. The head of the art group “Turetsky Choir”, along with his wife Liana and their two daughters Emmanuelle and Beate learned more about the conquest of the galaxy.

      Михаил Турецкий посадил детей в космический корабль

      In the house of the artist can be found more than a dozen rockets and decorative figurines of astronauts. The head of the art group “Turetsky Choir” was born not just in space Day – April 12, he was born in 1962 – exactly a year after the flight of Yuri Gagarin.

      “At that time in the Soviet Union was rampant fashion – all the boys called Urami – says Turkish. But my dad was grassgrown, so he chose another name. So I became Misha, what makes happy. However, the universe miraculously attracts me to an alien world.”

      More than ten years ago he met with Alexei Leonov – the man is a legend, he was the first to go into outer space. They are still my friends. This year’s collection of starships Mikhail replenished – it is celebrating its 55th anniversary and will receive one copy as a gift. On that occasion, Alexei Leonov, invited the musician with his family in Star city and conducted a VIP tour.


      The suit for $ 1 million

      Михаил Турецкий посадил детей в космический корабль

      The heart of the Russian cosmonautics is located 25 kilometers from Moscow. Hangars with appliances and cottages surrounded by pine forest. Live here and work with astronauts, scientists, engineers. Michael Turetsky came with his wife Liana and his younger daughters, 11-year-old Emmanuel and 7-year-old Beate. Michael has two older. 20-year-old Sarina is now preparing for the wedding and resting in Georgia, where living relatives of her fiancé Tornike Tsertsvadze. Liana Turkish shared with “StarHit” that they plan to arrange two weddings in Moscow and in Tbilisi. A 32-year-old Natalia, from his first marriage – works in the production centre of the father, married, raising a 10-month-old Elena and three-year Ivan.

      At the main entrance visitors were met by Alexey Leonov and smiled Emma Beate: “Well, come on, kids. By the way, behind you is the centrifuge, where the laboratory is located, and Baranowski medical corps, but they are now closed.”

      “Ah, that’s how appeared “Buranovskie grandmother”, – joked the Turkish and they all laughed.
      Михаил Турецкий посадил детей в космический корабль

      Eldest daughter Emma asked, what is a centrifuge. “It is a powerful mechanical device, which creates overload, explained Leonov. That’s when the pilot takes off, then it overloads occur, the engine operates at very high rod. You have some weight? 10?.. 30 kilograms. But where would you weigh 300 pounds.”

      The walls of the long corridors of the building are decorated with numerous photographs of astronauts, including the famous photograph of Yuri Gagarin with a dove in his hands. There is a portrait of Leonov – cosmonaut No. 11, who in 1965 he spent 12 minutes in outer space.

      “For my suit, the Americans offered $ 1 million, but we saved it for the Museum, – said the pilot. – But the second had to sell in difficult times for the country and science of the times.”

      “I never wanted to be an astronaut, – has shared with “StarHit” Mikhail Turetsky. But a lot of respect for people of this profession. To fly, you have to do at the gym for at least two hours every day. But to get a themed gift is always nice. The more missiles I give on the next birthday, the stronger the feeling that our music can hear in space. I even have a mini-“Soyuz-Apollo”.

      Then the guests were in the shop, where there are ships simulators “Union”. “They practiced all the actions – continued Alexey Leonov. – Prelaunch, launch and docking, Autonomous flight and landing”.

      At the sight of the unusual buildings of the children’s eyes lit up. They ran from one design to another, taking photos and selfies on the iPhone.


      Selfie on the memory

      Михаил Турецкий посадил детей в космический корабль

      “Mommy, why are there so many pictures of this man?” asked Beata, seeing another portrait of Gagarin. “This is Yuri Gagarin, smiled the vine. The first man who flew into space”.

      “We often come to visit Leonova home, and that’s Star city has reached only now – added Turkish. Girls are very happy.”

      Then Leonov Mikhail allowed her to climb inside the Soyuz where the three of them barely fit.

      “This thing fly? wondered Emma. – And I thought I was in the rocket. It turns out that the ship is so small”.

      “Alexey Leonov, how many are you in this cabin?” – asked Liana.

      “Longest – 18 days. A ship to remove the crew on orbit and descent. At the same I flew in 1975 and the first “Union” killed Vladimir Komarov. In orbit, the astronauts on Board the station. I alone will tell.”



      Михаил Турецкий посадил детей в космический корабль

      Then everything came from the machine, inside of which were these two pilots – a Russian and an American. Their action was observed by a group of engineers in the control room. The exercises ended with the “fire” from the cabin of smoke.

      “Can you make a selfie? asked Emma from Leonov. – You’re a legend!” After the photo shoot was on the space station, rather, an exact copy of the machine, which is disposed of in 2001, flooding in the ocean. In the Star city represented only one of her buildings. “This is the most intelligent building in the history of mankind, – said Alexey Leonov. The station weighs more than 400 tons, runs on 34 solar powered and costs $ 33 billion. The layout will show in the next room”.

      Girls began looking at the interior: a Desk with drawers for food, control panel… “And how people in space eat?” asked Beata, on what received the answer: there are special tubes similar to toothpaste, food and drinks.

      “Why is there a toilet for men only? asked Emma. – What about women?”

      “There are still diapers – Leonov smiled. – In fact, among the many American women astronauts who spend a long time in space. And so we could only Lena Serova – she was in orbit for six months.” “Wow! Six months in the same diaper?” – surprised Beata.

      Showing the layout of the station, we were escorted to the room where the spacesuits. Each weight is 116 pounds! As a gift to Michael Turkish was allowed to try on one of these relics.

      “Emma, Beata, welcome!” addressed the daughters of Michael.

      “Our tour is finished, concluded Leon. – Invite all to his home to drink tea.”