Alla Pugacheva discovered the secret of the phenomenal weight loss

Алла Пугачева открыла тайну феноменального похудения Diva has told how she managed to lose weight. According to Alla Borisovny, a few years ago she suffered from a serious illness, which prevented to attain a slim figure. The pop star claims that doctors helped her fight the disease.

      Alla Pugacheva always knows how to make a splash at social events. Diva picks the perfect outfits for film premieres and concerts. Many of his colleagues in show business, and fans of the star noted that the singer looks great, and praise her shapely legs.

      As recognized herself Alla, for a long time she could not lose weight. Several years ago, the celebrity revealed that she was suffering from diabetes. The best specialists were engaged in the health of the artist and wrote her drugs that would improve the condition. According to star, the doctors were able to find a drug that helped her.

      “Reveal the secret: in Israel I picked up a very nice tablet and has cured diabetes. So I was blown away,” – said Alla Borisovna about your phenomenal weight loss.

      Pugacheva believes that she can look good including for the reason that she was not depressed and quite calmly accepts what is happening. The actress advises women not to get discouraged, as this will instantly be reflected on their face.

      The diva admits that she doesn’t have many clothes as it seems to fans. Stylist Alisher Usmanov always helps the actress to look amazing at social events and concerts.

      “If you need somewhere to meet, I do it very simply. All depends on the situation. For example, recently hurt her leg, so wear shoes that do not interfere with the wound, and it is select the outfit. And sometimes, you need to create a certain mood. I look at things and think: “Here I will be fun, and this might scare you. Today I need it? Why not?” Or another one: “How are all annoying me today! Then I’ll be all annoying and what will you wear, is that they’ll think something’s wrong…” – said Alla.

      Few years, the artist is cooperating with a fashion brand, and also produces limited edition collections of shoes and accessories. As he told the star, she always tries to wear a pair of comfortable and beautiful shoes.

      “The fact that my life was not very healthy feet, so the choice of shoes I go with double care. I could go on stage at all in shoes without heels, to feel good. But it won’t look as glamorous as we would like. You have to look for such options, looking for which will forget all about the heels. Wear boots on a flat sole, and say: “Oh, interesting!” explained Pugacheva in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.