Kate Gordon has forgiven ex-husband at the request of a deceased friend

Катя Гордон простила бывшего мужа по просьбе умершего друга Businesswoman received instructions from people from the past. After a difficult birth, Kate Gordon was literally on the verge of life and death, and after completely rethink their views. The celebrity spoke about mysticism, which happened to her in the days of rehabilitation in hospital.

      19 Feb singer, composer and lawyer Katya Gordon became a mother for the second time. The woman admitted that childbirth was extremely difficult – according to doctors, she was on the verge of life and death. The celebrity said that after such a stressful for the whole organism of the situation, she began to feel a completely new way. Moreover, Kate remembers the mysticism that happened to her in the days that she spent in the hospital. Kate Gordon almost died during childbirth

      “While I have a few days was on the ventilator, fighting for life, has seen many dead — whether they were hallucinations, or the effects of anesthesia. Was among prividevshayasya and my dead best friend Bob Vyatkin — the guy who drowned. Bob told me: “Kate, promise me before the New year not to let into your life new people.” After this mystical phrase I have a relentless desire to isolate themselves from new ideas to close all previous conflicts,” admitted Gordon.

      Businesswoman understood these words literally and hurried to let go of all resentment. She decided to make peace with the father of her eldest child Dani Sergey Garinim. Kate dreams that someday the day will come and man will begin to take a direct part in the life of the son. Kate Gordon is desperately trying to reconcile with the father of the child

      She decided to apologize publicly to former spouse, as I realized that he didn’t want to be with someone in the conflict. Gordon realized that at any moment life can end, but because she believes it is better to be with everyone and peace and harmony. The celebrity turned to the former wife in the microblogging to apologize for some mistakes.

      “In this world not many people to whom I am willing to publicly apologize. Although it was not even an apology, more of a request: I did not want to die, being with someone in the conflict. Of course, I’m not talking about little things, about a satire on Olga Buzova or something similar (for me it is pure humor, we are in a public field and have the right to Express each other different opinions). Talking about those people who played or play in my life important role about people not from the world of show business. And, in principle, the only person with whom I have ongoing conflict – is Sergey,” Kate confessed in an interview with “TV”.