Майкл Джексон был изнасилован

The attending physician of Michael Jackson, with the help of which he appeared in that light, the new portion of revelations about the legend of the pop scene, makes it so that soon it will be hated by all fans of the musician.

Dr. Conrad Murray has managed to share with the press details of the life of Michael when he was a teenager, he told me that the sister of Jackson – Janet – young gave birth to a girl, but she refused. Now Murray shocked by the story about how over Jackson abused his own father Joe.

63-year-old Murray admitted that he talked with Michael about his childhood, how severe was the education of Joe.

“All discuss how we were beaten by the father. He did it from an early age. He called me names and called me ugly”, said Jackson, according to Murray.

“I am sure that similar cases occur in many families, with many children. But not all victims of sexual abuse by the father” — the words of Michael doctor.

Murray admits that this “truth” seemed to by so bad, that he could not share even with his closest friend Elizabeth Taylor.

Of course, now to figure out how these revelations are true, not possible. Hardly anyone from the Jackson family will comment on the recognition Michael.

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