В Сети набирает популярность петиция о запрете Анастасии Волочковой выступать перед детьми

What do you know about Anastasia Volochkova, except that she loves to do the splits in unusual places and enjoy your vacation at expensive resorts? In addition to this relaxed life, ballerinas have another job, which she performs on a daily basis. Nastya touring the country with his show, which often is of a charitable nature.

But, unfortunately for the dancers, not all, what it does, is necessary for the soul.

Viewers, especially mothers, resent the fact that Volochkova on the stage appears in provocative outfits.

To deal with Nasty parents decided by signing a petition banning touring Volochkova and bringing her to criminal liability under article “On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development”.

“So, in one of the rooms Volochkova A. Yu appears in a black leather suit with metal studs and leather stockings. Such a costume is appropriate for presentations to a limited audience,who is of the required age, but not for performances in front of children. Some songs performed Volochkova A. Y. (“I Will be with thee happy,” “I Will be with you”) have erotic overtones. The concert program has no age restrictions, on the basis of its content, is unacceptable,” — says the author of the petition of Marina square.

Netizens with great joy leave his signature to the petition, arguing that “behavior of this woman is immoral,is immoral and brings great damage to the education of children, harming the fragile child’s psyche, promoting debauchery and licentiousness,” “Need to stop spreading vulgarity, especially among children, especially at the expense of regional budgets allocated to culture” (comments of the signatories).

I wonder whether the petition for her somehow?

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