Создатели «Звездных войн» ответят за перелом ноги Харрисона Форда на съемочной площадке

Shooting a new episode of the franchise “Star wars” — “Star wars: the force awakens” were not for the health of Harrison Ford without a trace. During the filming one of the scenes in 71-year-old actor fell hydraulic door, with the result that he received injuries

The Hollywood stars were a broken ankle and he needed emergency medical help. In the hospital, Harrison was taken by helicopter immediately sent to the operating table. Now, two years after the incident, Ford has ensured that the guilty got punished for his injury.

The company Foodles Production Ltd, who worked on the film “Star wars: the force Awakening”, the court admitted his guilt in the case of the broken leg of Harrison. The penalty in relation to the company will be announced August 22.

Note that now the health of the Ford is not in danger. He is still active and ready to play in new projects. At the moment, Ford is involved in the development of the sequel to “blade Runner”, and in the near future there is a chance that Harrison will play again Professor of archaeology Indiana Jones.

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