Michael Douglas spoke about the terrible illness of Val Kilmer

Майкл Дуглас рассказал о страшной болезни Вэла Килмера The actor said that the star of “Batman” grappling with cancer. According to the actor, Val Kilmer is suffering from an illness for several years. Himself Michael Douglas not so long ago overcame cancer of the larynx.

      Michael Douglas have uncovered the mystery about the health of his colleagues of Val Kilmer. As reported by the actor, his colleague on the film “the Ghost and the Darkness” suffers from cancer of the larynx. Unlike Michael, who openly declared about his illness six years ago, Val was not spread about what fighting a serious illness. Michael Douglas nearly lost his jaw and tongue

      “Val is a wonderful guy who can cope with what I once experienced, but he is not that good. I pray for him. For a disease and not recently heard anything from Val,” – said Douglas was broadcast on foreign television shows.

      Michael himself some time is also kept secret his illness – cancer of the tongue. Stage IV disease was diagnosed in the actor in August 2010. As recognized by Douglas, he was compelled to hide their diagnosis in order not to jeopardize the promotional tour for the film “wall street: Money never sleeps”. Michael said that the doctor advised him not to dwell on the present state of Affairs. During the fight against disease Hollywood actor lost a lot of weight – he lost 20 pounds.

      “The surgeon suggested I to say it’s throat cancer. I asked, why can’t you tell the truth. Then he said that if I do the surgery, you’ll take away the language and part of the jaw. So I agreed to the deception. I’ll always remember the facial expression of the doctor. He said that I need to do a biopsy, because the base of the tongue was a tumor the size of a walnut,” said Douglas.

      On the set of the TV show Douglas remembered how he struggled with illness. For seven weeks he was to receive chemotherapy. Michael was grateful that the family helped him survive this terrible period of life. His wife, the famous actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, also tried to support her husband. The actor was even prepared for the fact that after the surgery, it is not so much offered to work in films. Michael tried to adjust itself positively and hoping for a full recovery.

      “My children quietly endured this period. I was very honest about the disease. Gradually, receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy, you become weaker”, – quotes the words of Douglas edition of the Sun.