Tatiana Navka had a great time at the celebration of a friend

Татьяна Навка повеселилась на торжестве подруги The athlete congratulated his friend with a holiday. Wife of Oleg Mitvol was 47 years old. For this reason Lyudmila had a party in one of Moscow restaurants. Guests of the spouse of the businessman, among whom was Natalia Podolskaya and Tatiana Navka, walked to fame.

      Last week the wife of businessman Oleg Mitvol said his birthday. The festivities on this occasion were held on Sunday in one of the most respected karaoke clubs of Moscow. That evening the birthday girl looked amazing – Lyudmila Mitvol chose a long dress of dark lilac color with contrasting bright trim, and black lace-up high heels. “Can I be your slave?” “Luxurious,” “soft and sincere”, – expressed his opinion of its subscribers. To congratulate the woman came to her family and friends, including Olympic champion Tatiana Navka and singer Natalia Podolskaya.

      “We know how to have fun, and you?”, – said the wife of Oleg Mitvol in Instagram, adding the hashtags “I love my friends”, “it was super”, “from yesterday” and “holiday”. “Lyusenka, thank you for a wonderful evening! Congratulations again,” expressed their emotions Tatiana Navka.

      Members of the Olympic champion and Lyudmila Mitvol found that the guests of the birthday girl looked amazing. “A holiday for girls”, “Mila is very beautiful, just a miracle”, “neat and fun”, “Incredible” – they wrote in the comments to the posts.

      By the way, not so long ago the birthday was celebrated and he Oleg Mitvol. The man was 50 years old. Celebration on this occasion took place in the circle of his relatives and friends. Party Mitvol called for Valentin Yudashkin with wife Marina, Jasmine, Igor Vernik, Tigran Keosayan, Alika Smekhova, and many others. Singer Jasmine has pleased all who were present at the event, performing one of their popular songs. Yudashkin and Navka lit on the birthday of Oleg Mitvol

      Recall that the wife of Oleg Mitvol Lyudmila was born in Yekaterinburg in 1969. At different times she worked as a model, leading morning program on one of the Federal channels, as well as publisher of the magazine for teenagers “Generation girls”. In 2007, she decided to try herself as a singer, releasing a debut album entitled “I’ll wait for you forever”. Proceeds from its sale went to increase the population of beavers in Central Russia. Lyudmila Mitvol and her husband Oleg are raising a daughter Alice, at the moment the girl is studying at the Department of Culturology of the Moscow state University. University.